Toronto Motorsports Park dragstrip

Christina Stein lives in Severn Bridge with her husband Mark, and two young children. She has been drag racing for over 10 years and has two championships to prove it! The first came in 2005 when she won the OSCA's 13.90 index championship. The second came just this year when she won the OSCA's 12.90 index championship! The increase in speed was the result of a little nitrous oxide being added to her race program!

Deep staged to cut a good light!

Christina's 1988 Chevy Corvette

Engine: Stock. (with a shot of nitrous)
Transmission: Automatic.
Chassis: 2X3 Stock.

Best ET & MPH: 12.20 @ 112 mph.


Tim Orser Lift Services, ModFather.

Smokey Burnout


Husband Mark Stein & daughter Grace.

Thanks to..

Christina always has the support of her family, and she brings a lot of people with her to the track! In addition to her immediate family, she thanks Tim, Judy, Justine, Michael, Shawna, Steve, Rachel, and Blaine and Susan Stein!


Christina is no stranger to a starting line or a finish line! Proof of this is evident by her two championship wins!

2005 OSCA 13.90 index champion!

2010 OSCA 12.90 index champion!

Christine is taking next year off from racing to support her husband Mark who will be campaigning a new drag bike in the OSCA's new motorcycle class.

Christina at Grand Bend Motorplex

Words of Wisdom

Goals: "To show our daughter that being a girl doesn't mean you can't do something if you want to do it. I was once told when I wanted to snow board that it's a guy sport and girls can't do it. I proved them wrong and I was one of the first girls to board at our local resort. I hope that I can inspire our daughter to do what she loves whether it's a girls sport or a guys sport!"

Lucky Charm: "I have a lady bug in the car that holds my time slips that my friend Suzanne Bennett gave me."

Favorite Memory: "Every weekend at the races is a memorable one! Hanging out at the track with our friends and family around the campfires, and cheering each other on when we are racing. There isn't one memory, it's every weekend at the track!"

Chris & her Crew

Mentor/ Inspiration: "My husband Mark, he's my best friend!"

What advice would you give young girls who want to be race car drivers?
"Try it! Join a good group. The OSCA is a great one to join - we all help each other out in good times and bad!"

What advice do you have for your Sisters In Speed?