Toronto Motorsports Park dragstrip

Becky is a Web Administrator and lives in Belleville Ontario. She has been racing for 15 years thanks to her dad! He was racing way before Becky was even born, and she grew up having fun with her entire family at the track. Further evidence that racing is a great family sport! According to Becky, her dad wanted to scare her away from the sport! He didn't want his daughter to like racing and steal his race car! Unfortunately for him, fellow Sister In Speed Ashley Kennedy's dad Doug took her on her first trip down the racetrack, and well let's just say, Becky WASN'T scared!

Becky's dragster

Becky's 2010 M&M Dragster

Engine: 565 cu. in. BBC.

Transmission: ATI

Best ET & MPH: 1/8th mile: 4.68 @ 152 mph

Best 60': 1.052

Becky borrowed this dragster in June of 2010 to race at the Jegs US Nationals at O'Reilly Raceway Park, Indianapolis and fell in love with it. She purchased it at the end of the 2010 season, and plans to run it in 2011.

Hubby Chuck in charge!


Ray Brothers Construction, Belleville, Ont.


Allan Ray, Linda Ray, Shelley Ray and Rick Burt.

Thanks to..

Becky does most of her racing at Shannonville Motorsports Park, but she has also competed at Luksville Dragway, Toronto Motorsports Park, Grand Bend Motorplex, St. Thomas Dragway, O'Reilly Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana, and Esta Dragway in Cicero New York.
She thanks her parents, Al and Linda Ray for everything they do to support her racing venture. She is also thankful to Dale Gauthier and all the other racers who have helped her learn over the years.
Becky is looking forward to 2011, and learning her new car/engine combo. She plans on joining the points series at Shannonville Motorsports Park and visiting as many other tracks as possible.

Becky in the cockpit


2010 - Shannonville Track Champion.

2008 - Luksville Dragway Bracket Bonanza Winner of a Wally and $10,000!. This after winning second place the day before!!!

Runner-up - Too many times to count!

1996 - Shannonville Motorsports Park Rookie of the Year

Becky attended Frank Hawley Drag Racing School in 2007.

Words of Wisdom

Plans for Next Year: "To win another track championship and a few more big $$$ races!"

Lucky Charm:"I have an angel pin that my grandma gave me before she passed away, it comes along for every pass down the track"

Favorite Memory: "The win light coming on at the2008 Luksville Bracket Bonanza and getting handed my NHRA Wally.....Oh, and the $10.000 that went with it!"

Becky and her crew

Mentor/ Inspiration: "My dad for sure! He loves watching and helping me compete - even if he is in the other lane!"

What advice would you give young girls who want to be race car drivers?
"Don't be intimidated by the guys! You can do whatever you set out to do."

What advice do you have for your Sisters In Speed?
"Keep up the good work ladies! Hope to see you in the other lane someday!"