Toronto Motorsports Park dragstrip

A drag strip was the last place on earth Angela ever imagined she would feel so alive! She has spent the last 23 years building her own fashion design company, Angela Mark Fashion Designs, a place as far away as you can get from a drag strip with it's greasy t-shirts and dirty race suits!
She was introduced to this crazy world by her boyfriend Frank Latham who races an asphalt sled. After a lot of talk, Angela decided to go with Frank to watch him test and tune. She did more than just watch! As the day progressed, she found herself towing Frank back to the pits on his four-wheeler. She watched Frank, Stew (who is now her crew chief), and Steve work on their sleds and she started asking them tons of questions about what they were doing. She asked "What is this for? What is that for? Why are you doing that?" She just loved watching them and learning from them. Stew was especially great at explaining things to her in a way she could understand.
She found herself getting so excited by the sounds, the smells, and the speed! The guy's were loving it so much and Angela was too! She was so intrigued by this strange new world, and its complexity!
A few days later, Stew approached Angela and asked her if she would like to take his sled for a pass. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed, she was SO excited! Her first pass! - she was so nervous and excited, and there was so much to learn! That day Angela made her first trip down the 1/4 mile, and the rest is history!


Angela's 1998 Ski Doo Formula III

Engine: 700 cc

Best ET & MPH: 9.93 @ 127.9 MPH

Best 60': 1.38

Chassis: CK3

Crew Chief
Stew Shields

Crew: Frank Latham & Steve Sheilds


Angela Mark Fashion Designs
Bridgenorth Sports & Marine
Shields Brothers Racing

Lined up!

Thanks to..

"I'd like to thank Stew Shields - (a.k.a. "The Professor") - for the opportunity of driving his race sled. Without a doubt, it has been one of the most (unexpected) positive experiences to affect my life in so many ways. As a self employed business person, drag racing has given me the opportunity to step outside my box of being a fashion designer (which I love and have been immersed in for over 23 years) to being exposed to a dramatically contrasting environment... Thank you Stew, for having the confidence to let me drive your sled, for inspiring me and encouraging an exciting competitive sense that has been a positive influence in all aspects of my life. Thank you for your tireless attention to every detail of the sleds to help to improve performance, and for your patience in explaining the intricacies of bracket racing, the mechanical aspects of the machines, and for dealing with my frustrations, nerves and for your support! Thank you for your enthusiasm and your calmness. Thank you for being proud when we do well, and for your support to learn from my mistakes and for welcoming me to your team!
Thank you to Steve Shields as well for working on my sled and keeping it performing at its best - you, too are very patient and excellent at explaining the mechanics of the sleds and for sharing your experience you have had over your racing career.
A very special thank you to my boyfriend, Frank Latham. I had listened to you speak about this crazy sport of drag racing snowmobiles on asphalt in the summer with disbelief, skepticism and curiosity...Truthfully - I thought you were nuts!!! In addition to being addicted to the rush and thrill of racing and competing, I love the fact that we focus on something we both enjoy outside of our daily lives and work - - we plan the trips, travel together, race together and are supportive and competitive all at the same time, not to mention having a great time! Thank you for introducing me to this amazing sport!"

Hurry up and wait!


First year:
-Semi Finals Grand Bend Motorplex Bike Sled Shootout.
-Quarter Finals 2009 AmSnow Super Sled Shootout Michigan US 131.
-Photo in American Snowmobile Magazine
-Purchased her sled from Stew! Proud owner of an asphalt race sled!
-Quarter Finals 2010 AmSnow Super Sled Shoot Out Michigan US 131.

Words of Wisdom

Favorite Memory: " My favourite memory was when I was in the staging lanes in Michigan, I realized that not only was I competing against the other drivers or sleds, but perhaps to an even greater degree, it was a challenge with my self.... I realized that racing required my complete and absolute focus, concentration, attention and relied on my reactions and my sled... I won that race - I had dialed 10.10 and my ET was 10.10!!! The announcer went crazy and said that was what drag racing was all about!!!
I was the only girl left in eliminations and the only Canadian! It was my first year racing. We started with 77 sleds in the field, and I got down to the quarter finals!"

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-"To learn more about the mechanics and maintenance of the sleds."

"To gain experience and by racing as much as possible this summer."

"To advance further in competitions than the previous -"To focus on improving my performance and realize that drag racing is as much (if not more) a race against yourself as your opponent."

"To have a great time, meet great people and do the best I can! "

Angela competes at the following tracks: US 131 Michigan, Empire Dragway NY, Skyview Dragway NY, ESTA Safety Park NY, Grand Bend Motorplex ON, and Toronto Motorsports Park ON. She runs the Bike/Sled Bracket Division.

Angela & crew!

Lucky Charm "It can be extremely hot and we've been standing on asphalt in black leathers and working on the sleds... When I am getting ready to race, I always make a point of checking my make up and touching it up before being towed to the staging lanes to race..."


What advice would you give young girls who want to be race car drivers?
"If you want to try it, go for it!!! But beware... Drag Racing is Addictive!!!"

What advice do you have for your Sisters In Speed?

"Do it for yourself - I have learned more about myself drag racing than anything I have ever done or would ever have imagined!!!
Always do the best you can - There are no mistakes - just learning!!! Shake it off!!!
Ask lots of questions and learn from the experienced people around you - Use common sense - always listen to your gut -Surround yourself with a knowledgeable, supportive team and well maintained vehicles. First priority - Safety!!!
Most of all -stand tall... be proud of yourself!!!
And Have fun!!!"