Toronto Motorsports Park dragstrip

Charlene is no stranger to a racetrack, she has been racing for an impressive 19 years! She started going to the track with her dad when she was only eight years old. By age 12 she had landed herself a job at Cayuga Dragway. Little did her dad know, she had an ulterior motive and was only biding time until her 16th birthday, when she would kick her dad out of the drivers seat and become the new driver! She hasn't stopped racing a car since that fateful day!

Charlene's Malibu

Charlene's 1978 Chevy Malibu

Engine: 350 SBC.
Transmission: Turbo 350.

Best ET & MPH: 12.41 @ 110 mph.
Best 60': 1.690


Uncle Rick (aka Uncle Buck)
Mom and Dad (Linda and Vern Dennis)


Rick, Vern, Len (her brother), and Dustin (her nephew).


Thanks to..

Charlene competes in the Mod division at various racetracks including Cayuga (Toronto Motorsports Park), Pittsburgh Raceway, and Norwalk Raceway.
She thanks her family because without them she would not be participating in the best sport in the world! Charlene and her husband Alex had been married for ten years before he finally became interested in racing, that was only four years ago and he managed to win the Street Class Championship this year! She says her son and daughter 'put up' with the drag racer life, although I'm not sure her daughter is doing much 'putting up with', she is only 11 years old and is racing her own junior dragster! Her "poor" son dislikes anything to do with racing, yet is still supportive of his mom and sister and drags his butt to the track to cheer them on! Maybe he would feel differently if he took a turn at driving one of those fast machines? Charlene gets support as well from the "Chicken Wing Gang" who are a group of racers who get together twice a month!
Plans for next year include a new engine that will go low 11's, a serious chase for the championship, and also introducing her nephew Dustin to bracket racing. She plans to let him race her car as she has been offered a different ride. Anything to help grow the bracket program at Cayuga Dragway!

Charlene's Malibu


Charlene estimates that in 19 years of racing, she has had around 20 wins!
She won the Digger O'Neil Award for Support and Commitment to the Sport of Drag Racing.
She considers the great friends she has made over the years as an accomplishment as well as always making the best of each race day!

Words of Wisdom

Goals for Next Year: "To win a championship!" She has been runner up twice and thinks it really sucks, even though it's an amazing accomplishment if you ask me!

Superstition:"I won't go to the bathroom before first round - I know it's weird! I also say a little prayer for everyone's safety."

Favorite Memory:"I was runner up at the Armdrop Live race in 2009 at Cayuga. I didn't make the initial call but made it up as a first substitute. I was at the head of the staging lanes and didn't hear them call my number, luckily my family did hear the call and my niece Brittney found me and told me the news! We raced back to the car and made it into the lanes just in the nick of time! My family and friends had the car prepped and ready to go for me and I made them proud by going four rounds non-stop and making it to the final round! I ended up being runner up that day but seeing my friends and family enjoying themselves so much meant way more to me than the money I won that day! My family still talks about that day and I'm sure they will for a long time to come! Another favorite memory was the last race day of 2009 when my husband Alex and I both won!"

What advice would you give young girls who want to be race car drivers? "Drag racing is a sport that anyone can do. It has been proven that girls react quicker on the Christmas tree, which means a lot in bracket racing. You can do anything you put your mind to! Be confident and always try your best!"

What advice do you have for your Sisters In Speed?

"I have been raised at the track. I am well respected by most of the racers and pass the same respect to them. I support everyone and help whenever and wherever needed. I am not big on calling myself a 'lady racer', I am just a racer. I love the sport of drag racing and I hope to be a part of it for the rest of my life. I have so many great memories from Cayuga Dragway and I hope that everyone at least once in their life goes down the 1/4 mile. Always be kind to yourself and others. God Bless Drag Racers and those who enjoy the best sport in the world!"