Toronto Motorsports Park dragstrip

Visit any dragstrip around North America and what you will undoubtedly notice is an overabundance of men. Many of them will be wearing loud, often fluorescent t-shirts from this event or that event featuring colorful caricatures of various race cars. This may come as no surprise as most motorsports are traditionally male-dominated, yet upon closer inspection you may notice one or two women mingled in amongst the men. They may be few and far between, but I can assure you, these women are more than they appear to be. They may seem friendly and unthreatening but be warned.... don't be fooled by this friendly appearance! They have something not visible on the surface. They are secretly fierce and more sinister than you could ever imagine! They are the SISTERS IN SPEED!

If you are interested in becoming a SISTER IN SPEED please introduce yourself! I will send you a Driver Profile: Email me!

Sue's Burnin out at the  2010 CSCN


It was only around three or four years ago that a few of us started calling each other Sisters In Speed. It was a beautiful summer day at Toronto Motorsports Park, near Cayuga, Ontario. The Ontario Street Car Association's season was in full swing. I remember a group of us (the usual crowd) were sitting around our pit and were visited by a fellow racer named Sandra Carter-Beal. It was my first time meeting her in person and actually talking to her. Her car was much faster than mine and she competed in a different class than me, which was probably the reason we had never met. Her outgoing personality was immediately evident and soon we were all laughing and joking around! I was calling her my sister in speed and she LOVED it! From that day forward she and I and all the other OSCA ladies have been calling each other 'Sister In Speed" or 'SIS' for short. This simple term of endearment was a great way to get talking with the other racers, soon we were cheering each other on!

Heather's cool Firebird

Why Become A Sister In Speed?

The purpose of this website is to tell the stories of women who race and to bring them together in the spirit of friendship and support. I know that I seem to believe in myself more when I know that there are other people who believe in me too. It gives you great power, even if it is only psychological. Without going into the science, it has been proven that a psychological 'egde' can give you an advantage in a sporting event such as drag racing. As far as I'm concerned ANY little 'edge' you can get could be worth it's weight in WIN LIGHTS!
Another reason to join is exposure. I am often asked by people where on the web they can see pictures of my car. I often send them to the OSCA site or a photographers site, but I'm never really sure if they will find the pictures! If they are friends of mine on Facebook, they can see lots of pictures of my car, but I can't be friends with everyone I meet! Also, seeing pictures of cars is one thing, hearing the stories of the drivers is a whole other entity. It makes you much more visible and memorable to fans and to potential sponsors!

Victoria Smith, big wheelie!

Who Can Become A Sister In Speed?

Anyone fitting the following description can become a Sister In Speed!

  • Female between the ages of 8-100.

  • Drag races any type of vehicle including but not limited to: doorslammers, dragsters, sleds, junior dragsters, or motorcycles!

  • Has completed at least one season of racing.

  • Willing to support, cheer on, and always help her fellow 'Sisters'.

Tiina Duncanson's Wally winning sled!

Join Us!

Becoming A Sister In Speed is as easy as 1-2-3! All you have to do is follow these simple steps!

  1. Send me an email - I will send you a driver profile sheet to fill out.

  2. Fill out the profile - Take some time, the more details you give me, the more interesting your page will be!

  3. Return your completed profile! I'll do the rest!

Sisters in Speed (left to right)
Christina Stein, Sandra Carter Beal,
Heather Ireland, Sue Cooper, and
Patricia Tourloukis looking beautiful
at the 2010 OSCA Awards Banquet.
The OSCA SIS at the 2010 Banquet

Thank You!

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